Wednesday, May 27, 2009


I am so ashamed that I waited nearly 8 whole years to finally watch Amelie. I am up late, very late because I could not stop watching the movie. It arrived today via netflix. Honestly what held me back was this poster (above) because for some odd reason she looked like a cartoon character on the poster or the vibe reminded me a bit of "run lola, run" (which I did not really love). The movie is wonderful. So any other fools out there who have not seen it. . . don't delay. Go watch it.

See, she doesn't look all tripped out in the movie, like she does in the poster.

One bummer though, Amelie sends her dad's garden gnome on a tour with poloroids mailed to his home showing the gnome traveling the world. The fact that Amelie released in 2001, leads me to belive that travelocity totally knocked that off that traveling gnome concept for their advertising concept a few years back. Come on travelocity. . . be original!

{} {} (don't read the "summaries" on it will ruin the movie)

The travelocity commercial with the traveling gnome. Remember it?

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