Monday, August 31, 2009

stomping ground

Reinventing the school picture! I think this is pretty fun. Finally a solid shake up of the classic school photo. But I do have to say, that my elder relatives would think that I was a nutty mom for thinking this is a good thing.

How do they do it? Well here are some factoids from their website. . .

We have successfully reinvented the school portrait. We take beautiful and spirited portraits of children. We create a positive environment where the kids are encouraged to be themselves. No more stuffy poses. No cheesy backgrounds. No pained, forced smiles. You know that your child has a irrepressible spirit, and we know how to capture it

The other guys glue the child to the chair, tell him or her to smile, fire off three frames, and give only one choice. We collaborate with the kids, and typically shoot about 30 shots per child. We provide customers between three and five selects of their child to choose from and the packages can be mixed and matched with different photographs.


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