Saturday, August 22, 2009

Wry Baby

I'm looking for a cool baby gift, but I don't want a baby gift like every other baby gift I've seen out there. How are your cool baby gifts different than the boring baby gifts I've seen online and baby gifts I've seen in stores?

Wry Baby makes cool baby gifts that are fun for baby, baby's new parents and even the smarty-pants who gave that cool baby gift. How? Every baby gift we make is the right mix of humor and design to be a the most beloved baby gift received. And each baby gift is a quality baby gift that's perfect as a baby shower gift, birthday gift or as a holiday gift for baby. So if you're looking for a cool baby gift that's different from any baby gift out there, go with a Wry Baby gift. You'll be glad you did!
Some days I feel this way. . .
I love the snap suits with predictions!
Smart pillowcase to tell your kids which parent to wake up. But they would have to be able to read. Maybe the pillow should have a stop sign on it and a green light on the other?
Good for friends with twins!

This would be great for a photoshoot!

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