Friday, September 25, 2009

Fallingwater stay-over

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Fans of Frank Lloyd Wright's house Fallingwater have long been able to visit the architect's modernist masterpiece as a museum, but soon they can enjoy the house almost as if they were living in it.

Regular visitors pay $18 admission but the more intimate experience comes with a more exclusive price tag -- $1,195. While regular visitors are whisked through the iconic house in guided tours lasting about one hour, those at the Insight Onsite program can lounge about reading, engage in interesting conversations on the terraces, have a cocktail by the fireplace, write a personal letter at a desk and enjoy a lively dinner party.

Up to eight people will arrive in the evening and be given an in-depth tour and then sleep overnight, not in Fallingwater itself but in a newer four-bedroom home built on the grounds for the accountant of the family which owned the property.

The next morning visitors have the morning to lounge around the house and grounds, have lunch on the terraces, have more time alone to do as you wish and then have a dinner party at the house with curators and a guest, perhaps a leading figure in the architecture community.

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