Wednesday, January 20, 2010

carolyn gavin

today im celebrating the work of designer carolyn gavin and her brand new collections for ecojot. just in case you havent come across carolyn before heres a quick bio. carolyn was born in south africa but now lives in toronto canada, she freelances on lots of awesome designs through her agent lila rogers, and along with her brother mark gavin carolyn runs ecojot a company making green stationery. ecojot's products are recycled from waste material and use vegetable glues and inks. on display here today are carolyn's most recent artworks which appear on their new collection, and if you buy any ecojot journal or sketchbook they currently have a scheme called 'buy one - we give one' where they will donate 1 workbook to a child who really needs one. click here to visit the ecojot site and here for carolyn's wonderful blog designer jots.

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