Tuesday, June 15, 2010

swagger wagon


So I have a swagger wagon... well mine is actually a Nissan Quest (sorry Toyota). When we bought our van five years ago, we tried to look at the Toyota but they were selling so fast you could not test drive them. So we went with the Nissan. (um, something to consider Toyota... think on that a bit). Any woo- after we bought our van, I was sitting in the back seat while it was parked in the garage. I was about 6 months pregnant and crying... my hubby came out and asked "what is going on?" I retorted between sniffles, "We own a mini-van... I am going to be a soccer mom..." tears and sniffles.

I am okay with my van now. I would prefer the Nissan Cube, but it won't fit three car seats in the back (Nissan, maybe you should think about that. two more inches and it would have worked). The van is the ideal vehicle for our three kids. They can't poke each other's eyeballs out during our 6 hour drive to Iowa (and that saves on "out of network" medical bills).

Okay back to the "swagger wagon", I love this campaign because it makes me feel slightly less lame about being a mom of three with a mini-van. I know, I have been a big bender on youtube lately... I just love this whole campaign. I like to collect everything on my blog so I can come back to it later. The blog has become my digital designer scrapbook of sorts. Seriously, if you are an "offspring manager" (A.K.A. parent) you will love these tv spots. They are dead-on funny about the drama and silliness of being a parent and owning a mini-van.

totally awesome...

rest? parents don't get that... ever

downward dog... stinky almond man, love the writing for these spots!

bottle his essence?

new kid smell with no work ethic... drink all your milk and mess with your stereo... start pulling your weight or pay rent.

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