Sunday, August 22, 2010

RAINBOW cake time

I have been talking about making this rainbow cake for about a year. Finally, I made the cake with my two oldest kids this weekend. It is just two boxes of cake mix, food coloring (the wilton tints) and some homemade frosting (you could do the store-bought frosting but it actually costs more $ to get the same amount of homemade frosting). My lucky co-workers will be getting about half of this cake. I have more fun making them than eating them.


  1. THIS IS GORGEOUS. How did you get the single slice to stand up?

  2. beautiful! i love it. my son would love this for his birthday however, my husband is allergic to food coloring. I wonder if there are some natural ways to color?

  3. I tried to make a rainbow cake using fruit as the food coloring. Here is a link to the blog recipe I used:

    However: I must point out that my cake was a miserable failure. I think that somehow the fruit added too much moisture to the cake and I ended up with wet, messy cake that wouldn't "firm up". I also must point out that baking is not one of the things I'm best at so maybe I did something wrong.