Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Hong Kong Apothecary

I just bought this book online. I LOVE IT. 200 pages of vintage Chinese Medicine packaging. I personally think it is a must have in your designer library.
"Hong Kong Apothecary transports us to the exotic world of Eastern medicine, a world of oils, powders, pills, and cures for every known ailment from impotency to opium addiction. As peculiar as "pink pills for pale people" are the packages containing these medicaments. Author Simon Go has combed manufacturers , shops, and home medicine cabinets for years collecting the most compelling examples. the result is a visual cabinet of curiosities, a graphical pharmacopoeia. Divided by type – such as ointments, herbal teas, infused oils – Hong Kong Apothecary presents the fascinating graphics and tantalizing descriptions of hundreds of medicines and gives us an insight into Chinese customs afforded only by examining the artifacts and customs of everyday life. many of these medicines are no longer produced, making Hong Kong Apothecary a memoir of a quickly disappearing culture. This lavishly illustrated book is of interest as much for designers seeking inspiration in the unknown vernacular of commercial graphics as for anyone interested in Eastern medicine."

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