Saturday, March 26, 2011

the crunch is calling


I don't watch many tv commercials in my uber busy life. But I did catch a few of the wheat thin spots while my hubby was watching MARCH MADNESS. The Wheat thins crew track down folks that "tweeted" about wheat thins and make a commercial while visiting the unsuspecting tweeter. I think that is sorta fun! It is a good way to involve their brand apostles into the joy of a product and campaign.

Looks I am late to this party. This campaign has been going on for a while. My DVR soars me past most commercials. I think I have 12 hours of TV recorded and literally no time to watch it.

Marketing folks, when I fast forward my DVR, I never see your 15 sec spots. They are literally a blur. Something to think about. What if marketing people figured out a way to make a commercial become something more once it enters FF-mode?

BTW- basketball players. I sorta hate the sound of your squeaky shoes on the court. It makes me batty. I will be happy when March Madness is complete.

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