Thursday, March 24, 2011

jeff johnson photography

The bottom photo of this post is Jeff Johnson. He happens to be one of my favorite Minnesota photographers. I love how awesome he is to work with, especially when we are shooting kids. When he starts to get a bit flustered (only because he cares so much about his work) he will rub his eyes or run his fingers through his hair. A friend of his recently captured this photo of him. It is perfect!

Check out his site and take a look at his work.
One more story, once we were at the end of a really long packaging shoot. Of course it involved many unpredictable children. Our last shot for the project involved a little girl. Once we got her on set, she declared "I don't want to be a model anymore". In my head, I freaked out... but Jeff just declared "I don't want to be a photographer". They went off to the kitchen for a snack and to quit their professions. However, while the rest of us were freaking out, Jeff worked his magic. Soon the girl was back on set, smiling. We finished the shoot no problem.

LOVE that... and I would never forget it. Good stuff, mister Jeff.

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