Monday, September 26, 2011

Lindsey Wixson : teased, too

Today I had around 200 hits to my blog looking for Lindsey Wixson. So I googled to see what was striking this interest. I found this three minute video where she discusses her path before her career and what keeps her grounded now.

Seventeen-year-old Lindsey Wixson is one of the modeling world’s biggest sensations, but life wasn’t always Gucci, Prada, and miles of stark white runways. Before she broke big on the pages of W magazine, Wixson says she was bullied by girls in her class, who made fun of her for her gap teeth and height. “I actually had a group of girls who made a list of things they didn’t like about me,” she claims. But despite the early taunts, Wixson says she’d still like to return home to her native Kansas sometime soon because she misses her parents. “They keep me grounded,” she says. [Telegraph]

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