Monday, November 17, 2014

Ax Man

Ax-man Surplus Store is a favorite of mine. It's full of all sorts of random bits, trinkets, boxes, tape, vases, mannequin heads and legs and awesome hand-scripted signing. Hello, designer's dream. In college for a 3D sculpture class we had to spend under $20 and had less than an hour to shop the store for sculpture inspiration/parts. It was just like Project Runway only before "two-screen watching", instagram and twitter. Back then, we took photos of our project with a camera that had film in it. GASP! 

"A second home for collectors, crafters, artists, and those who love to tinker; Ax-Man Surplus has been a fixture in the Twin Cities for over 50 years. Can't find that thing-a-ma-jig? Try Ax-man. Need a new whatz-it? Try Ax-Man. Fresh out of doo-dads? Try Ax-Man.

Home to pretty much everything you never knew you couldn't live without, the friendly staff at each of our 4 metro locations is always happy to help you find almost-exactly what you were looking for. Whether it's a single googley-eye or 1,500 12-volt pager-motors, we're a step in the right direction.

Remember: Ax-man ALWAYS offers you 13 of any one thing for the price of 12, we call it the Ax-Man Dozen, you'll call it one heck of a deal!

Ax-Man is also in the business of buying and selling your precious crap! Got to much of something? Maybe we'd like to take it off your hands, check out our Your Surplus and Whole-Sale pages for more info"

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