Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The newest NEV (neighborhood electric vehicle), each state has rules as to how a vechile qualifies to be called NEV. In Minnesota, it can only go 25 mph and drive no more than 30 miles. Interesting.
The Peapod:
$12,500 online orders only. 25 MPH max speed, 30-40 mile range on one 8 hour electric charge. Ends up cost about 2 cents a mile (according to the website). They are planning to produce 25,000 vechiles to start and deliveries begin in the fall 2009. Being assembled in Fargo ND. Made fro 95% recycled and recylcable materials.
There are three models: peapod, twinpod, and utilitypod.
I love its happy expression. I would like to see one crusing around Stillwater, MN!

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