Sunday, June 21, 2009

faux burgers

The fries are actually sugar cookies with lots of sugar sprinkled on top. The ketchup is red frosting. The burgers are made from one yellow cupcake cut in half, with a 2" circle cut chocolate brownie. No burger is complete without some sesame seeds on top with lettuce, ketchup and mustard inside (frosting of course).

The kids had lots of fun making them, but so far have refused to eat single burger. Stella tried some fries and LOVES the ketchup. I will most likely end up bringing them to work tomorrow. At least we made memories making the fun little burgers.

Overall, I would say that it would probably taste better with a chocolate cake center instead of the brownie. The taste textures get a bit odd with the brownie in the middle. It was fun to try once. I saw it on


  1. So awesome that you made these! I saw the same blog and knew it was just something I had to do... only mine is for the next tech meeting. How did they taste?

  2. I made it with the brownie in the middle. It looks good with the brownie, but the textures get weird. If I did it again, I would use chocolate cake in the middle instead. Otherwise it was pretty easy and fun.