Wednesday, June 24, 2009


{} from seaunicorn:
My name is jacqleen. I do and make many things. My interests are unlimited. Photography, art, fashion, Europe, writing, reading, learning, my family, good friends, boyfriend, animals, and creating, is where my heart lyes. I've fumbled around in many aspects of such, including fashion styling for photo shoots, various illustration and mixed media work. Currently a photographer, capturing dreams on film. And of course, almost full time etsy jewelry maker :)

My passion for jewelry was originally inspired by my photography. Further, I was always on the search for little treasures. I would constantly see jewelry, and I get frustrated at how elaborate it was. I prefer simple, signature necklaces. Which I had a hard time finding. That's when I came about etsy, and the idea of creating the necklaces I see in my head. I as well love using symbolic gestures in my pieces and slight pun. Taking fairy tales, and turning them into wearable pieces without feeling oh say, disney.

I draw inspiration from all things whimsical and. Which can be a fine line looking cheap, design wise. As well, vintage pieces, old little things that tell stories. Everything about old circus's, carousels, ferris wheels, countries, dreams, idea's of wonderland, I just love. Then at the same time, I love simple clean vintage treasures.

I'm fashion obsessed.
My idea range constantly changes.

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