Thursday, July 30, 2009

fringe festival

Minnesota Fringe Festival is a Minneapolis-based nonprofit organization that organizes an annual, 11-day festival. This year marks our sixteenth anniversary. Since 1993, Minnesota Fringe has grown by leaps and bounds into the Midwest’s largest performing arts festival—and the largest nonjuried, uncensored Fringe in the United States. The organization does not judge, jury or censor the work of any artist?our goal is provide a platform for performance, and we leave it up to the audience to evaluate the results.

For artists, a $400 application fee gets a venue, liability insurance, technical and front-of-house staff, ticket sales service, press promotion, a high-traffic Web site, complimentary artist passes and a tremendous amount of support as they produce their show. The artists also receive 65 percent of the box office proceeds for their show. The combination of the producing support, the box office revenue and the opportunity to see the work of literally hundreds of their peers is invaluable.

For audiences, the deal is equally good. Our maximum single-ticket price is $12 (plus a one-time button purchase for $4), and discounts are available for students, seniors and people buying multiple tickets. In exchange for their ticket, Fringe provides audiences with a show that will almost certainly be something that they've never seen before (the vast majority of Fringe shows are original work), presented by a wide-ranging group of local, national and international artists.

{minnesota fringe festival} Starts today July 30th!

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