Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Cracking Art Group

Why choosing huge fucsia Snails wandering around the city ? Because we need to play with the city in order to rebuild it ideally and mentally and break with the daily urban routine rediscovering both the urban crossing and landscape. We chose the Snails because they convey three different metaphors through contemporary art language : the first one is connected to hearing, since the Snail' s spiral reminds us of the human ear ; the second one can be related to living, given that this nice animal carries its home around on its back. The last one, in the end, refers to current technology, since the grafic symbol " @ " ( which is called " snail " in italian language ) is used in computer-mediated communication . Finally, considering the snails are made of recycled plastic, the Cracking Art Group' s project " RE - generation " embodies another important value, sustainability . This means leaving a mark - an artistic mark - on the metropolitan landscape together with an ethically responsible approach to ambient.

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