Sunday, August 2, 2009

Felony Franks

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Would you buy a hot dog from an ex-con?

That's the question Chicagoans are facing with the opening of a new Chicago-style stand near the city's West Loop. Jim Andrews, the owner, says he created the restaurant to give criminals who've served their time a second chance at becoming a productive member of society.

But not everyone is in love with Felony Franks.

A local city councilman has said that he thinks the name of the restaurant is closer to criminal.

"For a restaurant theme, it's a poor choice," Alderman Rober Fioretti told WBBM-TV, the CBS affiliate in Chicago.

But Andrews says the purpose of the stand -- which boast such specialities as the Felony Frank, the Misdemeanor Wiener and naturally, freedom fries -- is to help his employees -- now numbering in 10 full-time ex-offenders.

Felony Franks, located at 229 Western Ave., is open from 10 am to 10 pm seven days a week. Thus far, Andrews said, business has been gangbusters. His hope to eventually turn Felony Franks into a chain that will give even more ex-offenders a chance to start off life anew.

-- One might say that there is no such thing as bad PR. Well this concept is definitely getting some buzz, that's for sure! And the food above does look tasty. . .

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