Thursday, August 13, 2009

kate spade 5th ave store

straight from their site. . .

This june to celebrate our summer 2009 collection, we challenged ourselves to re imagine our flagship 5th avenue shop. What would it look like, we wondered, if we captured the world of kate spade new your in three dimension? we imagined a warm, vibrant home where our handbags and spirit could live, and customers could enjoy the personal experience of feeling like guests visiting our home.

throughout the shop visitors encounter a series of objects that encourage playful interaction: a vintage olivetti typewriter where guests can type suggests for our new-fangled twitter page in a decidedly lo-fi fashion; a record player with a selection of classic vinyl album; and brightly colored rotary phones housing sounds of crashing wave, chirping birds, and whistling girls. Our campaign theme for the season, which was make plans for summer, became the inspiration for our windows displays, which offer a series of ideas for spending lazy, hazy summer Saturdays in the city. A vintage tandem bicycle sits with the words rent a tandem, the sentiment cool your heels introduces a display for outdoor cocktails, while a series of hula hoops and the spirited give it a whirl offer another bit of inspiration.

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