Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Jones Jumble

Superbig Creative has just completed this Limited Edition full wrap Soda bottle for Jones Soda Company:

"Having already bottled the exotic Fufu Berry and carbonated Thanksgiving dinner, Jones Soda’s resident mixologist set out to strike gold again with a refreshing summer flavor. Inspired by his summer days of yore, the mad mixer experimented with every Jones Soda flavor in typical “graveyard” fashion, combining a variety of flavors to create a truly original soda.

An accidental lab spill resulted in the perfect refreshing concoction, much like how the French discovered champagne. Proud of his masterpiece, the Jones mixologist is now challenging soda fans, soft drink connoisseurs and curious consumers alike to decipher which four classic Jones flavors, existing or retired, comprise this mystery mixture. Guesses on the new soda recipe can be entered below.

“Each Jones flavor, past and present, has developed its own cult following,” said Joth Ricci, president and CEO of Jones Soda. “Jones Jumble gives fans the chance to revisit the fascination with our expansive flavor lineup, including some lesser known flavors, and put their sophisticated soda palates to the test.”


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