Thursday, December 3, 2009


I grew up in the 80's with my Dad and his love for his DeLorean. A friend of mine sent me this recent link that reminded the lively tale of John DeLorean. My dad still has his DeLorean and recently allowed my kids to sit in it and pretend to drive. When I was a kid he would hardly let us breath near it. When I was 16, we moved from Minneapolis to Sioux City, IA. Needless to say, I was not a happy teen. I made my dad pick me up from school in the DeLorean as pay back for making me move. I have to say it was awesome to see all the boys freaking out about the DeLorean.

The sub-culture of the DeLorean was intense in the 80's. The DeLorean owners would meet up on the weekends to work on cars, go for rides across the country in big packs, enter car contests and so on. Only 9,000 cars were made. I love a good maverick tale, even if the end isn't beautiful. A bit of passion is good for the blood.
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John DeLorean never cared to fit the mold of a typical Detroit auto executive. He was young, free-spirited maverick that revolutionized the auto industry as the major force behind America's first muscle car- the Pontiac GTO. He was thought of as a hippie by his older peers for his longish, shaggy hair and rebellious attitude. But what they didn't understand was that Delorean had his finger on the pulse of youth and trend in a way that no one else did. He had an uncanny ability to tap into the music, events and attitudes of the time and mine it for nuggets that translated to top-line success. As the young DeLorean's star rose, he supposedly walked away from his $650,000 salary at GM and decided to go it on his own. . . .

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