Wednesday, November 11, 2009


No right answer or winning move, Motif invites endless exploration.

Nueve, one of Noted’s most popular items has been thoughtfully re-designed and renamed. No matter how Motif Cubes are aligned, their patterns will always match to create amazing images full of beauty and harmony. Unlike a traditional puzzle or game, there is no right answer or winning move, only billions of fascinating images to be created (68,719,476,736 possible combinations).

Made of red birch hardwood and silk-screened, the nine cubes (1 3/8” SQ) are held in a wooden tray. Two patterns are now available. The original Motif 01 with its pattern printed in red and a new design, Motif 02, printed in white. Handsomely presented in a gift box (6” SQ), Motif will be appreciated by the curious and creative.

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