Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Studio MS

Studio MS have created, among other things, the perfect light for bookworms. Pleats unfold – piano-accordion-like – between the covers of a novel and are brightened with a gentle glow. This elegantly ruffled look can be seen in all their pieces – from the 'Octave' handbag to the 'Closer' bench. Studio MS is the work of Mi-Seung Kim and Myung-Seo Kang, both graduates of Central Saint Martins in London; one specialised in product design, the other in fashion print. The school is where they first met, five years ago, and they started designing together mid-2009. Their inspirations are "small things from people's daily lives".

The 'Book' light and 'Octave' bag are part of Studio MS's Octagonal Series, which exhibited at Tent London 2009.

"We played with origami and used 'fishbone direct folding'. We calculated the length of pleats mathematically, creating octagonal pleats, which are not merely flexible but also strong and have inestimable possibilities," they explain.


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