Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valenbowl at Target

"As the timing of the Super Bowl now encroaches more and more on more on Valentine's Day, we've embraced the challenge and decided to create a uniquely Target holiday, which we've called Super Valenbowl. It's a great opportunity to have some fun and reassure Mom she can get everything she needs from Super Bowl party supplies to Valentine's Cards and treats all in her favorite store," Francis told a chuckling audience.

I my recent memory. . . this is the first time that Target has re-used a holiday campaign. The balloon v-day concept is the same one from 2009 just paired with the wing-wearing football cupid men. I wonder how this pan out with sales? Yes. . . there is still more time before Valentine's Day.

How will Target grow over the next ten years? I found some snippets, read on. . .

It will open smaller stores in urban markets. It will add its PFresh food concept into hundreds of stores, boosting customer traffic. It will explore overseas expansion in Canada, Mexico or Latin America.

Michael Francis, Target’s chief marketing officer, said the retailer is ready to reclaim seasonal events in a “bolder and more dominant way.”

It did that during the busy Thanksgiving holiday shopping weekend. It held a two-day sales event — online on Thanksgiving day and in stores on Friday — that it said resulted in a double-digit rise in Black Friday traffic compared with last year.

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