Monday, July 19, 2010

treat and company : minneapolis

TREAT AND COMPANY is a Product Design and Product Development agency based in Minneapolis, MN. They are almost 4 years old and have been involved in many exciting projects. Take a gander at their online site.

Recipe and Memory Keeper: This book was designed using tempting copy, cute graphics and thoughtful elements to create a great gift needed in any kitchen.

Super fun giftwrap... Treat will be showcasing their work at PrintSource, August 2-4, 2010 in NYC. The library will also be available online by August 2.

Treat has a staff of 30 designers with talents reaching from illustrations & character exploration, to vector & graffiti art, all the way to 3D product development. These graffiti images were applied to fun sushi and sake sets for a playful take on Asian dining.

This canvas poster was sent out to potential clients, bearing the tagline ‘Eliminate Ugly’. HELLO, any company willing to hang their hat on "eliminate ugly" is a rockstar in my mind. Keep up the good work Treat! Minneapolis is lucky to have such a rocking design force.

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