Monday, August 30, 2010

the chaos : the futureheads


Here is The Futureheads V Miss Cakehead ‘The Chaos’ cookie installation for Cake Britain – the world’s first totally edible art exhibition supported by Tate & Lyle (and an event from The Mad Artists Tea Party). I can’t believe my insane idea ending up looking this good, and importantly that everyone loved it too. Personally I knew I adored this piece as soon as it was done (even if this was about 60 seconds before we opened the doors for the private view on Thursday), and the band gave it their seal of approved too on Sunday.

Importantly all proceeds & donations from Cake Britain are to charity (including a donation towards Newcastle based St Oswald’s House specifically for this piece), which is a really important factor in this mayhem for me.

The vanilla cookies were from Molly Bakes & Kookie Cookies, the installation elements from the amazing Bruno & Ben (not to mention everyone else who got stuck in to make sure it was ready in time for opening). You all ROCK!

Rough sums: 200 hours to make in all / eaten in about an hour.

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