Thursday, September 16, 2010

trampled by turtles : palomino

I just LOVE this album. It would fall under the category of "bluegrass". BLUEGRASS, you say? Yep, I like it! I actually played the violin from 5th grade till I graduated high school. In 10th grade, our orchestra group competed nationally at Disney World. We won first place! I have not picked up my violin in a very long time, the energy from this band makes me want to! Take a listen, you won't be disappointed. I promise.

Shooting sparks in the face of folk traditionalism, the quintet approaches the banjo and mandolin with a level of brash recklessness hardly heard since the now-mythical reign of Uncle Tupelo. Bill Monroe and Joe Strummer would both be proud.” - SF BAY GUARDIAN

One of very few bands in America that are hipster-approved but could heave a room of strangers into a hoe-down at any time…” – CITY PAGES (Minneapolis/St. Paul)


The five members of what would become Trampled by Turtles formed in 2003 in Duluth, Minnesota, the Great Lakes port town that had spawned slowcore pioneers Low a decade earlier. Down in the “The Cities” (Minneapolis and St. Paul to the rest of the world), such fabled Minnesota brethren as Dylan through to the Jayhawks had raised the bar pretty damn high, songcraft-wise. Within this contained music scene, the future members of TxT did their time in punk and rock and roll bands, brandishing their electricity proudly, before going “organic” with acoustic instruments.

While they never set out to be a “bluegrass” band, the band employs the same time-honored tools of the trade guitar, acoustic bass, banjo, mandolin and fiddle as their ‘grass-fed country cousins. But their soul-deep differences in influences, attitude and attack, from their quicksilver, deadly accurate picking to their lonesome, hauntingly spare ballads, make for a very different musical beast indeed.

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