Tuesday, October 19, 2010

kate spade : pop up store in London


"Do you find there are some things in life that you just get? The Kate Spade brand, for me, is one of those things. Their first ever European-based pop-up shop has opened it's doors in Covent Garden, London and let me tell you, it is a treat for the senses. Preppy bright stripes welcomed me as I passed a lofty bunch of bright red balloons swaying gently in the wind, almost waving passers-by to come inside. Once through the double doors, I was greeted warmly by upbeat, knowledgeable and helpful sales assistants, who felt more like friends than staff. I've said it before: American companies know how to do retail. Properly. I was encouraged to relax and take in the space, so I spent time chatting to the staff about the previous evening's launch party. A band called The Like performed; backed by Mark Ronson, they have a cool garage, rock-pop sound. Check them out!

The attention to detail throughout the pop-up shop - which has been designed to look like what Kate's place would look like should she live in London - continues to surprise with each new room. From yellow colour blocking in the living room to chic matt green hues in the bedroom, the visual merchandising is as stylish and iconic as the brand's product assortment. There's even a photo booth which you can jump into and have six snaps taken as a free memento of your in-store experience. The pop-up shop is open until 10th November after which the brand will open a permanent retail space in Spring 2011. If you are in London then I would thoroughly recommend you pop in - the hour I spent inside the shop yesterday was the best fun I've had shopping in a long while. Well, with that utterly fabulous grey sofa, how could it not be?!"

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