Sunday, February 13, 2011

grandma did it

My Grandma Winnie is so awesome. She is exactly 50 years older than me and says whatever is on her mind. She does whatever she wants and rarely gives a damn what anyone thinks about it.

The bottom photo shows her on the right with her feet on the dashboard of the car. My Aunt Betsy has her hand up in the air, demanding that Grandma put on her seatbelt and get her feet of the dash. Of course Grandma retorted with "I will do no such thing, this is my car and I will do what I want". I was in the backseat with my cousin. Of course I had to take a photo of the whole ordeal. We were driving 10+ hours to Colorado for my sisters wedding and this confrontation started in the first two minutes of the drive. Oh Lordy...

Then the Facebook post is a conversation my family is having about Grandma's recent window cling adventures. OMG what will I be like in 50 years? Too funny, oh so funny.

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