Sunday, January 1, 2012

shaking my head : did I really just do that?

I am just shaking my head back and forth. I cannot believe it. I just deleted a nearly completed iphoto book that I was making for my middle son for his Kindergarten year. Why? So totally annoyed with myself. I tried every trick to bring it back. This is what I get for working till nearly 2am on this. But honestly, it is the ONLY time I have to work on it. Three kids scampering around me at all times and a full time job, I can never find the time to do this stuff.

Deep breath. It always goes faster the second time you do it, right? I can't wait to tell my hubby in the morning. He is totally going to shake his head at me. Things could be worse, it's just a iphoto book. breath in... breath out.

Seriously, I could punch something right now. So annoyed.

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