Sunday, May 20, 2012

birthday art

I started this blog near my birthday about three years ago. I don't post like I used to. I feel like Pinterest has changed everything. Long ago, this blog was my way of keeping track of the things I loved. Now I can "pin" 50 things by noon that I love in under 20 minutes.

I love pinterest. I think it is a game-changer. It allows my family to finally truly understand what I do and how I see this world. I think it opens up everyone to what they might want to create for their home, what foods they could eat, how they could dress, and who they could become. Instant inspiration for all! Right at your fingertips, as you cruise through your ipad/iphone while watching TV on the couch.

My hope, is that over time as the world becomes more aware of possibilities, that in turn my "wild card" design solutions will go to the masses. So often, in the marketing/design industry we hold back for fear that we will not be relatable to the core audience. I am hoping that the audience will move forward and start asking and wanting for more.

come on, let's go!

My son, drew this one. I love that my husband is video-taping (which he usually is), none of us has a neck, we are all naked and I am blowing a huge cloud of air at the cake. I also love that he drew the candles as "35" knowing and remembering that is how we usually do the cake candles. He remembered all the little details.
My daughter knows me so well. She made me birthday coupons. 3 out of the 4 were related to sleeping: Go to bed earlier, sleep in till 9am, and take a nap. Sleep is all I ever want. Serious there have been days where I skip my lunch and go sleep in my car. I have no shame in that, none at all. Moms everywhere are so freakin flippin tired. You can't begin to understand.

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