Monday, August 27, 2012

DIY dot jeans

dotted jeans from anthropologie
Finally! I have been meaning to make dotted jeans for a long while. Super easy, I swear. It is just white fabric paint and the eraser end of a pencil. I made my daughter's too-short-jeans into cut-offs and went to town.

Here they are... three kids in one small car (great gas mileage) with their favorite "green" icee from Target. I don't make my kids wear matching attire, they would NEVER comply. We were on our way home from Tae kwon do and swim class (for 2 hours in 90 dB room– normal conversation range is between 50-65 dB).

Bet you are wondering why swim class is so loud. Oh you know, the loud crying babies, yelling happy inspiring teachers, whiny kids and super chatty parents. One day, while sitting in the hot humid loud room, I thought "I should get an iphone app and determine how loud it is in here, because this is FAR from pleasant". I was right. A subway or motorcycle is around 88 dB. I asked the swim school if they have ever considered selling mixed drinks to the parents. I bet a Pina Colada would make it all better. If I am going to be hot and it's going to be loud, might has well have a cool tasty drink in my hand.

Check out this free iphone decibel reader app

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