Saturday, October 13, 2012

DIY Neon

So I had a little party to attend, the theme was Black and Neon. I am on a super tight budget. I did my best to keep all the attire under $20.

Super Easy! I bought some inexpensive nude ballet flats from Payless Shoes, only $16.99. Used a bit of painters tape to section off the area to be painted. I did 3 coats of neon and then one coat of clear high gloss sealer. I have only worn them once and so far no chipping or scuffing.

 Then I sprayed an old strand of faux pearls that I had since I was five years old. I added some spray painted wooded beads mixed with some unpainted wood beads on a grosgrain ribbon. I think that all the necklace pieces cost under $2.
And then I made a duct tape purse. Michaels, JoAnns sell sticker sheets of duct tape paper. They measure about 8.5" x 11". I placed the sticker on plain orange fabric, added a handle and zipper. Then embellished with some purse like doodle details with a sharpie.

I attempted to spray paint a belt that I bought at the Salvation Army for $1. It was a silver belt but in the end it ended up looking more neon green than neon yellow. Looking back on it, I should have painted it white first, then neon yellow. Oh well. Plus, I spray painted the day of the event so the belt was too smelling to wear right away. If you are going to spray paint, give it a few days to cure and become less stinky.

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