Sunday, February 10, 2013

DIY Valentines : Cyclops

DIY Cyclops Valentine. My pre-schooler has started the Valentine's Day traditions too! I am keeping it simple, since I have three kids to contend with for this holiday.

We just cut paper into 3" x 8.5" strips and folded in half. Then I paper punched a circle shape and hot glued one giant googly-eye. Next we layered on some previously water colored heart shapes and doodled out the lettering and illustration. Finally we added one of the sponge animal pellets on each card with tape.

You can always find the sponge animal pellets in the dollar store areas of Target, Michaels arts and crafts and various party stores. My little guy had to make 32 Valentines. He totally lost steam near the end, even with some bribery. Alas, it is all done and I can start thinking of next years Valentines.

Hello, the clearance sales will be soon! Best to stock up this year, for next year.

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