Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mermaid Car Wash

 Previous Mermaid Car Wash Sign
New Mermaid Car Wash Sign

Dear Mermaid Car Wash owners, please ditch your "new" sign and bring back the old one.

Just look at the illustration style of the previous Mermaid. That sign was and is an icon to Golden Valley, Minnesota. It is one of the reasons so many of us love the car wash. When my daughter was younger she thought that real mermaids washed the cars. The original sign had a sense of wonder that would inspire a young child to even dream up that scenario.

The new sign is an EPIC FAILURE. It is not memorable or inspirational. It is lame type and blah clip art mermaid. It will never be an icon to the city of Golden Valley. It is an insult to all that treasured your previous sign. Simply bring back the old sign.

If you care, or agree with my feelings.... click the link above and fill out a comment. Better yet, call them 763 544 9700. Or write them: 901 Louisiana Avenue S Golden Valley MN 55426

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