Friday, August 9, 2013

April Snow & Summer Pools


So this past winter in Minnesota ran long. I think we were still doing snowball fights on April 23! My favorite Minnesota past time, is throwing snowballs up in the air to watch them smash into the driveway. It is such a satisfying feeling seeing that snow melt.

When the sun came out enough to warm us up into the 80's we hit our favorite water park! I think my kids would live there if they could. The best part is they come home, take showers, munch a snack and they are out! Time for netflix on the playstation while drinking grown up root beer floats!


300 foot tube slide
 207 foot body slide and a pirate ship with a cable ride! This is my favorite outdoor pool in Minnesota in the summertime.
This is a real pool in China. I would never be happy in that realm. I would rather take snow in April.

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