Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Ylvis: What does the fox say


"Last week, "Norway's Lonely Island" uploaded a music video with a simple hook: fox calls are mysterious. Everyone knows what cats, dogs, sheep, etc. sound like... but what does the fox say? The proposed answers, delivered by brothers Bård Ylvisåker and Vegard Ylvisåker in animal suits, are nothing short of spectacular.

The video went viral, meaning brief online fame for Ylvis (the comedy pop duo's official name), and an epic plug for the new season of their talk show on TVNorge."

from Huffingtonpost

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"Where did the idea for the song come from?
I’m trying to remember. The way we work is we just sit and talk about everything and get ideas and take some notes. I guess we must have been talking about what kind of sound the fox makes. And then we had a chance to work with Stargate, a production company in New York City, they've produced for Beyonce and Rihanna--they’re Norweigans but based in the U.S.. We actually did a favor for them and we asked them if they could produce a song for us for the next season in exchange. And we assumed that they would turn down the offer because it wasn't a very good offer for them. But somehow they said yes.

What was the favor?
We made a video for one of the guys for his birthday party. So when the agreed, we started to discuss what to do with that kind of production value. Because we're comedians and what we do is comedy, we didn't want to use such a production team to try to make a hit sing. We thought it would be more fun to kind of abuse them somehow. We thought hey, we have this old idea about the sound that the fox made, because no one really knows. So we decided to do that instead of something intelligent, a hit. Which kind of backfired.

Was it the plan to release the song as a single?
Yeah, that was always the plan. I mean, it wasn't an important plan. But the audience always asks if they can get the song to download, so we do that with our songs."

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