Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Mixed Tapes : Pixies

I am listening to more of my old mixed tapes. This song came on. So good, instantly there was a big smile on my face. I have not listened to this cassette in nearly two decades. I know I could easily hop on Pandora or Spotify and make a new mixed collection, but it is not the same as the choppy recordings and random radio bits. The very best part is being completely surprised as to what is next. Some of the cassettes are unlabeled with no case- like a white elephant gift, what comes next could bring tears or instant laughter.

cease to resist, giving my goodbye
drive my car into the ocean
you'll think i'm dead, but i sail away
on a wave of mutilation
a wave

i've kissed mermaids, rode the el nino
walked the sand with the crustaceans
could find my way to mariana
on a wave of mutilation,
wave of mutilation
wave of mutilation

wave of mutilation

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