Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Goldiblox : GIRLS

I love that the song for the Goldiblox promotional video is a remake of "GIRLS" from the Beastie Boys! It makes this whole concept KILLER.  I made my first Rube Goldberg machine in 8th grade. It took me the entire weekend to create and test. The concept behind this video hits you in the gut- pair that with clever girls and a catchy beat and you have a viral video in two days! The product, packaging, illustration, video, song, consistency of the brand is stellar. Way to kill it Debbie!

YEahhhhh! Now go buy one  goldieblox.com

My favorite part of the video is towards the end, the beat of the music falls in line with their lively footsteps "GIRLS, to build a space ship. GIRLS, to code the new app. GIRLS, to grow up knowing that they can engineer that. GIRLS. That's all we really need is GIRLS. To bring us up to speed, GIRLS. Our opportunity is GIRLS. Don't underestimate, GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS, GIRLS...." and end with sweet giggles and belly laughter.

Makes me almost cry, hits me right in the heart. This isn't just a video or a new toy, this a start of a new movement.

"GoldieBlox, a toy company out to show the world that girls deserve more choices than dolls and princesses. We believe that femininity is strong and girls will build the future — literally.

Our founder, Debbie Sterling, is a Stanford engineer who decided last year that girls need more choices than the pink aisle has to offer. She developed GoldieBlox, an interactive book series + construction set starring Goldie, the kid inventor who loves to build.

This year, we wondered what we could do to showcase the amazing inventive power that girls have. So...we might have recruited three young girls and that guy who made OK Go's famous Rube Goldberg machine to turn an average home into a massive, magical contraption."

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