Saturday, December 7, 2013

DIY Clay Ornaments

As a kid, I loved those cinnamon homemade ornaments. The sad part is that they usually cracked over time. I kept with the concept of using a cookie cutter to create the shapes. And then I found a new material for the ornament, Model Magic. I had used it before and it held up over the years. I even added paint and glitter.

I cut out the shapes a few days prior and let them air dry on cookie sheets. Then I pulled out a variety of acrylic paints, glitter, Baker's twine and hot glue (faster and works better than regular glue). We made so many ornaments they ended up as gifts. My oldest had a sleepover craft night and each girl crafted six of their own ornaments.

Really you could do any shape you wanted either make a template and hand-cut it or find a cookie cutter online.

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