Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Golden Animal Jars

Finally I am posting the Golden Animal Jars. I started this project over a year ago. I learned a few tricks on my first few jars.

Tips I learned through the process:
• Use Goo Gone to remove the previous labels (I prefer the Gel version)
• Save yogurt containers to use as "stands" to hold the lids you are spraying
• Use E6000 glue to attach the animals to the lid
• Once the animal is ready for spray paint, you MUST do a gray base coat
• Let it fully dry between coats, don't rush
• Best to spray paint outside when it is at least 60-70 degrees outside (not too humid)
• Final coat of gold spray paint- light coats, don't spray it too thick.

I also paint the glass part of some jars, just to give it a little extra bling. I am actually selling mine and making a few more later. My youngest kid loves Jelly sandwiches, so I am in a constant supply of empty glass jars.

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