Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pom Pom Garland

I have a white Christmas tree, so colorful garland and ornaments look perfect. I have always loved pom poms and thought it could make for an easy DIY garland project.

I bought a couple bags of pom poms from the craft store and some sewing thread. At the end of the garland, I tied a loop with the thread to hook on tree branch. Then I started adding a pom pom about every two inches. Sew through the pom pom once, then go through once more again and continue. Two more inches of empty thread, then add a pom pom. While I was working I wound up the garland on a piece of cardboard to eliminate tangles.

I finished this during one movie. The kids could even help. And this year, I noticed that there are many more color options for pom poms. Yes, you can always dig around the internet to find the exact colors you like.

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