Monday, January 27, 2014

valentine heart cake

We are living in the Polar Vortex right now. My youngest used some blue painters tape to tape intervals on the floor. He prefers to race like a herd of elephants while I work in my office below. Then he falls over in a coughing spell and wonders why. This weekend, I needed to escape my home for a spell to steer away the cabin fever. Since the kids don't have school till Wednesday (fingers crossed) I was looking for things to keep them busy. I was also attempting to purchase a cake at Target bakery, but my kids have nut allergies. I wasn't in the mood to read all the food labels, so I decided to make my own instead.

This is just a box cake mix and frostings. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter directly on the cake and then spooned in some red sprinkles. Added a little washi tape banner and waaaa- la. Done. I am not about making things "perfect". I like just making things, problem solving, trying things out and seeing what happens. This idea works for a cake, fixing a car that won't start, scraping the Polar Vortex interior car frost with a credit card or dancing to stay warm while pumping gas.

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