Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Mothers day, everyday

I love a handmade card. My eldest crafted this one for Mothers Day. I'll take one day of adoration! Mom with a cherry on top, arty, caring, creative, sweet, trust worthy, smart, fun, unique, and a good listener. I also love to take naps, watch the news while being able to hear what they are saying and long car rides with no screaming offspring (there appears to be a theme here). 

That brings me to this book. This year I am seeking some sort of clarity, really any sort that makes sense and sticks to my soul. I only got to page 192 of this book before it was due back to the library (long waiting list of 119 other parents dying to read it). Basically, moms today work-work even more  than moms of the 1980s and do even more at home than our moms ever did. Burn that candle on both ends! Sure that will work great, no problem. We will just drink more coffee and then take a Simply Sleep pill to shut off our brains at night. Looks like I might just have to go buy the book.

Laugh it off, just keep moving. My kids are highly entertained by a local Minnesota billboard for Colon Cancer awareness. It's a total giggle fest every time we drive past. Sorry if that is your butt on the billboard, but (butt, ha) I can see the skin pores and butt texture. It is so not cool. I am not cool with it. A paper cut illustration would have been more elegant and I promise it could have been just as giggly. 

Speaking of cut paper, here is the best Mother's day flowers I have seen in a while. I apologize if you are a cooler Mom and already knew about these flowers. This is the first time in my 11 years that I have seen this sort of fanciness. Each flower is a handprint cut out, rolled and shaped into a flower. Add in a sparkly pipe cleaner, some paper leaves and a paper straw stem. CUTE!

My life is insane. A Mother in motion, stays in motion. It's moderately controlled chaos. Do your best each day. My motto "helpful or hurtful". When you know better, you do better.  Assume positive intent and be forever hopeful. Oh and it's okay to take a nap in your car during your work lunch break. (Serious, I really do that. If you see me, don't take a photo and post it to Instagram. That is not cool. Just like giant butt pores aren't cool.).

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