Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Back to School Chalk Fun

Poof, Summer is over and we are back to school. This is the last year that all my kids will be in the same school. My two older kids are now about five feet tall. I am guessing I have about 18 months till they both overtake me. tick tock...

My eldest son has feet as big as mine, size 10. You can sorta see the giant blue shoes in the photos above. I had to add a filter to blur the giant shoes out. They were so distracting! Generally, I am okay with my big feet because there are always clearance shoes in size 10. My son's giant feet resulted in me tripping over his shoes by the door and jamming one of my little toes in the worst way. I don't think I spoke for five minutes straight. I now have a black and blue toe for the final days of sandal season.

That black and blue toe also took a ride on a Razor scooter this weekend. My youngest wanted to try his scooter and was having a hard time. So I had to demo a bit. It really is quite fun. But in the end, he decided that he only wanted to try new things like a new macaroni and cheese, not a scooter. This declaration was delivered to me in a loud shrill paired with crocodile tears and clenched fists. I am certain the neighbors caught every bit. I think he was overtired with low blood sugar (see, he was right about trying a new macaroni and cheese). So I carried him home like a koala bear with one arm while using the other hand to guide the scooter next to us.

After arriving home, all coated in shiny sweat I was feeling pretty amped about boots, tights and scarf season to round the corner. The best part will be the first frost that clears the air for my seasonal allergy trio (and hubby too). No worries they are all good buddies with Zyrtec and daily showers to remove pollen. They definitely took showers after the chalk photo and the scooter melt down.

BTW everyone chill out with the pumpkin recipes on Pinterest. It's too soon for the frenzy.

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