Monday, September 29, 2014

show me don't tell me

I grew up with a Chinese Tiger mom who chanted "do it right or don't do it at all". I take that one step further, "Do it with Passion or not at all". Be all in or get out. Don't wander through life. Go for it. Get out there. 
Check out that couch! I hated that couch, it was so scratchy. I was only sitting on it because I wearing pants and my legs are not exposed to the evil material. The only redeeming quality about that couch was the fact that the ottomans had four wheels (and there were four of them). When our parents were gone we would take those ottomans and cruise around the 1980s linoleum like wild circus children.

Did you see it? Do you see it? I made a fail! Life isn't about being a "Master" it's about trying, each day over and over. Some days are like a big fat Bass and other days are just lake weeds and tiny stupid Sunfish. 

This photo was taken at Lake Sarah in Minnesota. My Mom's parents had a lake house on Lake Sarah. I spent many long weekends and summers in that Lake. My Mom wasn't perfect, most Mom are not. She did a great job teaching us to swim as babies and trying to get us to water ski.

Parents are just people. They make mistakes. They are busy. They need naps too. BTW, I love naps more than chocolate. My kids know all I ever want of Christmas, Mother's Day or my birthday is a nap, chocolate and coffee.
My sister got nice calm normal hair. I smartly hid my crazy curly mess under the super cool quilted orange coat.
This a photo of my Grandma Marvel. She was the most beautiful person not because of her physical beauty but for her beautiful spirit. Of course she has her little side comments about folks. She was human but had more talent than most to hold her tongue in the right moments. She understood the need to make other people feel beautiful, not telling me my 1980s big bangs were a poor choice and slipping me extra money to purchase a prom dress.

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