Thursday, April 30, 2009

aye aye matey, me walk the plank for ya' dress

Hands down, this is my favorite crafting mama (kathleen doughtery). She inspires me always. I can't understand how she consistantly produces/creates such beautiful clothing and then finds the time to craft up a beautiful photoshoot with her gorgeous children. Then the craziest thing of all, she gives away her creations for FREE! What? Her husband must be completely on board with her creative vision because it must consume her entirely. Kathleen- hats off to your talent, passion, craft, photos and children! go go go. . .

from kathleen dougherty:
Recently, I had come across a post by one of my favorite bloggers A Little Sussy who wrote about an artist who creates surreal worlds in her photographs. I was so impressed with what I saw I was inspired to attempt a few of my own. And although the process turned out to be quite tedious, I think the result was well worth it! If I had more time I would have made a dozen of these. I had about a dozen ideas. But it took me until 3am last night to make the two I included in this post. Perhaps another day.... another dress. The dress itself is perfect for these photos because, to me, the idea of a modern pirate involved both make- believe and whimsy. What gives this dress a modern feel is the navy and white polka dots that make up the body and skirt. What gives this dress a pirate feel is the protruding rounded sleeves, pettiskirt and squared ruffled neckline reminiscent of the 1700s fashion.
The final look of the photos reminded me of a sort of Smashing Pumpkins "tonight, tonight" feel. I really enjoyed this sort of project. I must have origami on the brain! It's just too beautiful to only use once! I only wish I had more time to create more 'worlds'.

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