Thursday, April 30, 2009

truffle cones

Their story:
FireLilly Gourmet Chocolates is a family owned boutique in Toledo, Ohio that concentrates on doing one product and one product right. Each one of our Truffle Cones is hand crafted with highest quality ingredients that look, smell and taste delicious. You can find chocolate anywhere, but you’ll only find Truffle Cones at FireLilly Chocolates. Truffle Cones - a unique blend of chocolate and crunch.

Why?Quite simply we wanted to do something different and delicious. Something to make you stop in your tracks, something that your palette would remember for years to come, a timeless confectionary creation. We’ve combined the world’s finest chocolates from the most exotic locations with the delicate taste and crunch of a mini-waffle cone. The same kind you used to eat as a kid. The two form an epicurean partnership that leaves your taste buds pleading for more. Smooth truffle filling satiates your sense of taste and the crunch, ohhhh the crunch, do we have to say more?

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