Monday, April 20, 2009

ho ho ho

Stella and Gavin with sprout, It was too windy for Talan to join in! Maybe next time!

The original jolly green giant jingle:

"Fo, fum, fo, fum
Ho, hum, hi, he's
The Jolly Green Giant you see on the label
With golden corn and tender peas
The Jolly Green Giant will set up your table
With golden corn and tender peas
The Jolly Green Giant, 'tis he
The Jolly Green Giant, 'tis he"

The 60 foot giant is mounted on a pedestal and has steps so visitors may take a picture standing directly under the Green Giant. Blue Earth is at the end of the Minnesota River Valley and still has a canning plant formerly owned by Green Giant that continues to can corn and peas each summer. The Blue Earth Green Giant statue was erected in 1978 to coincide with the opening of Interstate 90 across Southern Minnesota. At Blue Earth, East met West completing construction of the longest 4 lane road in the United States, Sept. 23, 1978. I-90 runs from Boston to Seattle. Over 10,000 travelers a year stop at the Green Giant site in Blue Earth to have their pictures taken with the big green man.

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