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tom palumbo photography

Tom Palumbo's profile from flickr {his page}:
This portfolio is just a sampling of my work. It's not just a chronicle of intriguing faces and settings-- the images in part reflect the photography of the 1950s and 60s when content, space and scale coalesced the result could be quite mythic.

Its a personal odyssey as well. There's a sun-drenched street in Molfetta, Italy, where I was born; there's a poignant blurred image of my wife and baby son Leo; there are studies of places I've traveled to over the years- Rome, Port-au-Prince and Naples.

Then there's the photograph of a stable in Athens, Georgia. This was one of the pictures that intrigued Edward Steichen who had just become the director of photography at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. He sent it, along with others, to art director Alexey Brodovitch at Harper's Bazaar.

That's how I got my start.

I would shoot for Bazaar for six years, and for Vogue, and for many other publications.

What you see here is the tip of the iceberg in an archiving project that has been going on for the past two years through a little company called Wonderbred.

Check out my web site for more images. York, NY, USA

Tom Palumbo was a United States photographer and director. He was born in Molfetta Italy in 1921. His family moved when he was about 12 years old to New York City. As a young man Palumbo was employed first building scale models for ships in an engineering company. Later he was employed as an assistant by photographer James Abbe.

He was a staff photographer of Vogue and Harper's Bazaar, where he worked with the great art directors, Alex Liberman and Alexi Brodovitch. He was a vice-president of creative productions at Ted Bates, where he oversaw all TV commercials. He was a life-long member of the Actors Studio. He taught photography at Rhode Island School of Design, and he taught directing at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. He directed plays off-Broadway and in regional theatres. His last production was An Evening of Proust at Lincoln Center. He was a member of the Lincoln Center Directors Lab.

Tom Palumbo was married to Patricia Bosworth. Tom died in October 2008.

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